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Oh, hi there!

My name is Pawel

And I would love to be your Agile Coach Scrum Master Delivery Lead

*NOT Scrum Ninja, Kanban Lord, Facilitator of masses, super nanny of leaders, etc. Let’s be reasonable.

How can I help?


We are living in a complex world – I’m here to help you to deliver value

Value, which can help you gain satisfaction and happiness both inside and outside of your organization

Need training? I’m your guy! I’ll be more than happy to share my knowledge regarding product and project management

Need a hand with your Agile transformation (yeah, I know – it’s difficult)? I’m more than happy to help with that.

Few words about my experience


I’m a Scrum Master with around 5 years of experience in Agile. I have experience with both small and huge companies. I also did had an occasion to work with small and big projects and products. I’m a really passionate dude that loves to be challenged – I don’t like to sit with hands on my chest and wait for things to just happen.

I love to both learn and share my knowledge – this is why I’m a Tutor at SDA (Software Development Academy) – one of the biggest software development academies in Europe.

My university degree (Public Administration) helped me a lot in how management should NOT look like 😉

I think that over the years (and mistakes that I’ve made – I’m only a human being) I did learn a lot in regards to how to become a leader.

I love to test and challenge myself (don’t treat this as a recruitment buzz – word!) – both in personal and work life.





Few words about me

I love to read a good book (mostly those regarding project and product management), play video games (Rainbow Six: Siege, StarCraft), listen to music (Rock and roll will never die!), and watch horror movies (personal favorite series – Friday the 13th).

Huge fan of spicy food, the proud owner of a small vinyl collection, retro gamer (Commodore 64). Somewhere in 2003 I did write a game in Turbo Pascal 7.0 – I’m full of passion for years 😀 


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+48 510 269 037